Adaptive Campaigns is the leader in real-time data-driven creative

Founded in 2014, Based in Chicago


Sam Karow
Sam KarowCEO
Sam is the CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Campaigns. Sam has 20 years of experience in media planning and has been active in dynamic creative optimization since 1999.
Josh Cramer
Josh CramerCTO
Josh is co-founder and CTO of Adaptive Campaigns. He serves as CEO of FullStack, an interactive product development agency. Josh has over 15 years of experience in business model and software design and development.
Mike Biang
Mike BiangProduct Manager
Mike is acting Product and Project Manager at Adaptive Campaigns. He has served as VP of Operations at FullStack and has extensive experience as a software engineer and project manager building scalable applications.


Tim Dorgan
Tim DorganAdvisor
Tim is SVP of Marketing Services at CROSSMARK, a leading sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods industry. Tim previously served as Managing Director at Peapod Interactive and Associate Partner of Global Business Services, Retail and Consumer Products Center of Competency at IBM. Tim is a seasoned professor at the Medill School at Northwestern University.
John Durham
John DurhamAdvisor
John currently serves as CEO of Catalyst SF. John Co-Founded the Republic Project and is a seasoned Professor at USF.
Mark Dye
Mark DyeAdvisor
Mark Dye is the Chief Strategy Officer of CircleBack, a CRM management system. B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. Previously, he acted as Chief Strategy Officer of 6sense. And Mark was a Co-Founder of Bizo.
Chris Henger
Chris HengerAdvisor
Chris is SVP of Product Development at Undertone. He has previous experience as EVP of Digital Solutions at Catalina Marketing and VP of Affiliate Marketing at both Performics and DoubleClick. He also served as Head of the Google Affiliate Network.

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