Ads People Want

Achieve superior performance by aligning creative and content with account and stage level segmentation

Real-Time, Predictive, Dynamic Creative

Adaptive’s Programmatic Real-Time Engine Delivers The Most Relevant Ad Content for Every Impression

Your Creative

We turn your standard ads into HTML5 ads with dynamic elements (Adaptive Layers of content).

Your Trading Desk

We deploy through your trading desk and track actions on each dynamic ad element (Adaptive Listeners – a placement container tag)

First & Third Party Data

Adaptive uses an advanced decision engine to instantly update creative based on in-session engagement and 3rd party data (Adaptive Logic)

Deep Analytics Drive Continuous Improvement

Adaptive generates deep analytics from engagement to produce rich insights on drivers of creative performance (Adaptive Audience and Adaptive Analytics)

The World is Changing.

Are you ready for Programmatic Dynamic Creative Optimization?

"Real-time is your secret weapon."

− David Meerman Scott

"It (Programmatic Creative) allows us to make sure we can have a one-to-one conversation at mass scale, because we're dynamic in our creative targeting choices."

− Tamara Bousquet, SVP, Digitas LBi (via eMarketer)

"The ability to react — in real-time — to market circumstances is easier to do in an automated world."

− Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM (via eMarketer)

"78% of consumers desire some type of content personalization*

− Yahoo/Ipsos MediaCT

Easy to Use

Plugs in to existing media, ad serving and reporting platforms, transforms static ads into dynamic HTML ads aligned to purchase path (Intro, Assist, Close), automatically optimizes creative


Integrates directly with your 3rd party data provider to enables data-driven creative executions never possible before.


New engagement models drive exponential performance increases

Account & Stage Level Targeting

Adaptive Campaigns enables a unified advertising sequence for individual audience members across multiple channels and mediums including email, desktop, smartphone, tablet, native apps, and social.


Dynamically introduce video to engaged audience members in sequence.


Sam Karow

Sam Karow


Sam is the CEO and founder of Adaptive Campaigns. Sam has 20 years of experience in media planning and has been active in dynamic creative optimization since 1999.

Josh Cramer

Josh Cramer


Josh is co-founder and CTO of Adaptive Campaigns. He serves as CEO of FullStack, an interactive product development agency. He also serves as a board member of the Iowa City Area Development Group and Technology Association of Iowa. Josh has over 15 years of experience in business model and software design and development.

Mike Biang

Mike Biang

Product Manager

Mike is acting Product and Project Manager at Adaptive Campaigns. He has served as VP of Operations at FullStack and has extensive experience as a software engineer and project manager building scalable applications.

Advisory Board

Tim Dorgan

Tim Dorgan

SVP Marketing Services at CROSSMARK

Tim is SVP of Marketing Services at CROSSMARK, a leading sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods industry. Tim previously served as Managing Director at Peapod Interactive and Associate Partner of Global Business Services, Retail and Consumer Products Center of Competency at IBM. Tim is a seasoned professor at the Medill School at Northwestern University.

John Durham

John Durham

CEO/General Partner at Catalyst S+F

John currently serves as CEO of Catalyst SF. John Co-Founded the Republic Project and is a seasoned Professor at USF.

Mark Dye

Mark Dye

Chief Strategy Officer at 6Sense

Mark Dye is Chief Strategy Officer of 6sense, a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. Previously, he acted as a Co-Founder Bizo Inc.

Chris Henger

Chris Henger

General Manager, EVP Digital Solutions at Catalina Marketing

Chris is a digital media executive currently service as EVP of Digital Solutions at Catalina Marketing. He has previous experience as VP of Affiliate Marketing at both Performics and DoubleClick. He also served as Head of Google Affiliate Network.

Case Studies

Adaptive Campaigns delivers 10x engagement rate vs rich media benchmarks.

Industry West



Identify and reach small to mid-sized companies to drive commercial orders


Used Bombora’s B2B demographic and intent data to identify companies ‘in-market’ for office furniture and in real-time, serve ad creative based on their interests.


Bombora data strategies performed 3x better than the campaign average

16x vs. industry benchmark, 9x vs. static control

“Our business challenge required an innovative approach to targeted, data-driven marketing

communication,” said Ian Leslie, CMO of Industry West. “By using Bombora’s intent data,

combined with Adaptive Campaign’s platform, we were able to identify the right people within

our target organizations and deliver the right message to them.”





Create brand involvement in a low involvement category


Leveraged User-Centric Design principles to design an in-unit user experience to explore product features and benefits


Campaign personalized user experience for 10MM unique individuals

Performance exceeded goal by 24x

Kalahari Resorts



Launch new resort location


Align creative to keyword searches in order to display relevant features and amenities


Engagement rates 12x industry benchmark, 129x static control


Art Institute Chicago



Promote multiple programs in a single ad


Enabled users to navigate between events, exhibitions and store by hovering on sections in the ad


Clickthrough rate 7x vs. industry benchmark, 8x static control.  Engagement rate 4x vs. industry benchmark, 57x static control